Are the failures of your past holding you back from pursuing the excellence of your future?

Heart for Excellence redefines the essence of manhood with the fortitude of the heart to love and serve well.

Soli Deo Gloria

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Battlefield Geometry Awareness

Show men how Satan's lies are robbing them from reaching their full potential

Spiritual Battle Drills

Teach men how to close with and destroy Satan's evil works in their lives

Task Force Mobilization

Mobilize men to lead from the front at home and place of worship

What men with a Heart for Excellence say

Understanding the heart, where my identity comes from, my search for significance. If that's not rooted in my relationship with God alone, there's a strong tendency to get off course! It's so important as men that we press into this relationship with the Lord, this understanding of the heart and pursuing the Heart for Excellence

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David Johns
Advance 2019

Advance 2019 was a tough weekend for me. It was an opportunity to confront some really old hurt that I had. That had not been uncovered in years and it was an opportunity to do it in a place that was safe, strengthening, encouraging, and it was a place I could do it without hurting others. I was able to be with guys who could help me walk through that!

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Billy Turner
Advance 2019

Yes, you know that God loves you and He's for you, but you haven't had a really clear picture of what that looks like when it's actually played out in another guy's life. So the Advance is such a cool weekend where all these guys come out of the woodwork and you'll look around and just be asking yourself "Where have you guys been for the last ... so many years!"

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Clayton Trussell
Advance 2019

It's not about a retreat where you go away. It's about an Advance. I walked away knowing that it wasn't left there on the field that day. That it was just going to go on and on and on. Because everyone of those man was given a desire to latch on to another man to walk side by side to purse the Lord!

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Jason Lee
Advance 2019

To see almost every men broken and wanting to seek repentance, God’s favor, His involvement in their lives further. Then getting a chance to pray for a couple of those and even to talk to a couple of them later about what they were feeling. It was just a great time of ministry, brother banding together to seek God.

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Bill Bevers
Advance 2019

It was definitely and Advance for me. It was also stepping out of faith and getting involved with a group of men that I’m not normally around. It was a challenge on the first day, but by the end it was exactly what I needed.

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Chris Johnson
Advance 2019

It definitely changed my 2019. For sure!

Changed my life in new ways. I learned a lot about being a man of God and what that means.

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Lee Biles
Advance 2019
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Our team

why did we start heart for excellenece?

Heart for Excellence was started to address the brokenness of man.  In Proverbs 4:23 it says,

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

With this in mind Heart for Excellence sets out to understand the brokenness of men from the perspective of the heart.  What we found was a battlefield in the hearts of men; a battle that rages to emasculate and eliminate men from living the life they were designed to live in Christ. 

This battle seeks to destroy men in order to destroy families, communities and faith.  When men operate from a place of dark brokenness others are injured.  It is our deepest desire to impact the increasing darkness in our communities by reducing divorce, suicide and abortion.  When men live out their God given purpose these three strongholds are diminished.


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