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What is a Fire Team?

Fire Team Origins:

A Fire Team is the smallest maneuver unit in the United States Army designed to destroy enemy forces. Psychological studies show that the desire to take care of other Fire Team members enhances soldier’s survivability and willingness to fight. Consequently, armies with Fire Teams have experienced a significantly better performance from their infantry formations in combat than those limited to operations by traditionally larger units.

We want to apply the very concept that made the US military the most powerful armed force in the world to men’s spiritual development.

As a Fire Team, we agree to:

  1. Form a tightly knit group of 3 to 5 men.
  2. Develop a deep relationship that is evidenced by truth and love above all else.
  3. Sharpen each other and be held accountable to one another.
  4. Regard the Bible as the infallible word of God for all aspects of our life.

Meeting frequency:

A Fire Team meets as a group every other week for 1 hour at a location most convenient to all (i.e., a coffee shop).

Expectations of Fire Team Members:

  1. Each member takes ownership for fully engaging at every meeting.
  2. The Team Leader is the ultimate facilitator responsible for what the Fire Team does or fails to do.
  3. Each member is open to starting a Fire Team of his own at the Holy Spirit appointed time.

Minimum format:

Each Fire Team is encouraged to add to this primary agenda as time permits. However, below are the absolute minimum items that will allow the Fire Team to grow in its capabilities:

  1. Open with prayer.
  2. Share a couple of blessings from the past two weeks.
  3. Ask Accountability Questions (please see below for examples).
  4. Share a specific area where the member needs prayer.
  5. Close with a prayer that addresses intentions mentioned by the Fire Team members.

Examples of Accountability Questions:

  1. If I’m honest …
  2. How is your internet life?
  3. How well are you treating others?
  4. How much time do you spend in prayer?
  5. What are your destructive habits?
  6. What is preventing you from taking steps of faith?
  7. How are you serving your family and your community?
  8. Are you sharing Christ with others?
  9. How is your marriage / significant relationship?

Click Here to access Fire Team Standard Operating Procedure in MS Word format

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