What is an FOB?

Quite simply “a forward operating base (FOB) is any secured forward operational level military position, commonly a military base, that is used to support strategic goals and tactical objectives.”  With this in mind and the reality that there is a spiritual war going on since The Garden of Eden, it is very important to implement strategies that enable the Army of God to accomplish our mission of being discipled and making disciples.  

An FOB partnered with the Heart For Excellence network is simply an established group of men that meets for the purpose of Christian relationship building and encouragement.  These groups typically meet regularly throughout the week in different locations. They all have a different feel, style or focus however the main premise is simply “Christ” centered fellowship.

Normally all that is required to participate in an FOB is to just simply show up.  However, there are a few that you may want to check in with as it may require an advance preparation.  Feel free to contact the FOB leader for information before going as some may miss a week here and there due to weather, holidays or some other reason.

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